Teacup Pigs and Children

teacup pigs and childrenWhen it comes to teacup pigs and children, care must be taken never to leave kids alone with your pet pig. If your children are small, your pet may feel he is in a controlling position. If that happens, he may become aggressive towards them.

Teacup pigs need to know who the boss is right from the start. If they get out of hand, it can cause problems that may be difficult to remedy later. Being a herd animal, they need to be dominated or establish dominance. The latter is not a good option, if you want harmony in your home.

Teacup pigs and children most often get along very well. To avoid any potential problems, it is a good idea to let your children help with the feeding of your pet. Your pig will then soon realize that he relies on them for his food. By doing this, he may be less likely to become too assertive.

Overall, teacup pigs can be a great addition to a family. It is always best to follow some expert advice when you are training your pet. Bad behavior can set in quite fast. So be sure to start early when setting limits for your pet.

Teacup pigs and children – more info

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