Teacup Pigs as Pets

teacup pigs as petsPeople who choose teacup pigs as pets have usually done some research into these animals. It is best to find out as much as you can before actually committing. Determining if they will fit into your lifestyle will avoid any potential problems later.

The lifespan of a teacup pig is approximately 12 to 15 years. They look very cute when they are first born. Names like “mini” or “teacup” suit them well at that stage of development. But, they may ultimately grow to the size of a medium or large dog. 

To keep their weight under control, teacup pigs need daily walks. Their diet is important too. It should be made up of grains, vegetables, and the occasional fruit. Hay is also one of their favorites. It is best not to feed pet food to teacup pigs. Feeding them twice daily, with yard grazing and plenty of fresh water is best. If they constantly look for food, they should be distracted until the next scheduled meal. If their demands are met, they can become quite aggressive.

Teacup pigs can live in a large backyard. But they do better with an acre or two of land to keep them comfortable and happy. They also need sun and do well when exercised regularly outdoors.

Teacup pigs are also known as mini pigs and potbelly pigs. They are very intelligent and need to be entertained to avoid boredom. If they have nothing to do, they will find something to occupy themselves. They like to chew on anything available. Positive reinforcement is the best type of training for these animals.

Teacup pigs as pets – Pros

  • clean and odorless
  • no shedding
  • trained easily with correct method
  • not destructive, if trained properly
  • long life

Teacup pigs as pets – Cons

  • may become aggressive and spoiled, if not trained correctly
  • constant commitment is necessary
  • vets with knowledge about pigs may be hard to find
  • zoning laws may not allow teacup pigs as pets in certain areas

More info about teacup pigs

Before acquiring a teacup pig, you will need some expert advice about their care. There is an eBook called “Teacup Pigs or Mini Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide” that is available for download. This informational guide contains all you’ll ever need to know about keeping teacup pigs as pets.

Here are just a few things you’ll find in this eBook:

  • choosing the right pig
  • pig proofing your home
  • daily meals for your micro pig
  • bathing, brushing, trimming hooves, and ear cleaning
  • health problems
  • and much more

This teacup pig guide is invaluable to all owners. Give your pet every chance to become a healthy, happy member of your family. By training your pig the right way, you will have a lovable companion for many years. Order your copy by clicking this link today: Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide.

Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs