The Best Dog Food

best dog foodIf you are feeding your dog commercial dog food, this is not necessarily the best dog food for your pet. In fact, most food you buy at your local pet food store can shorten your dog’s life by many years.

Dogs, like humans, need to eat a healthy diet to stay free of diseases during their lifetime. Studies have shown that most of the commercial dog food you purchase is not suitable for consumption.

The leading causes of death caused by not feeding your pet the best dog food available are listed below.


Commercial dog food contains dangerous chemicals and preservatives. These are known to cause many different types of cancers such as Leukemia, kidney, bladder, skin, stomach, and spleen cancer. The same chemicals and preservatives are known to cause problems with human health and are banned from use in our food, yet they put it in dog food. Although the labeling on the packaging suggests otherwise, on the whole, commercial dog food is not the best dog food to feed your pet.

Heart disease

Due to the high amount of unhealthy fats, most commercial dog food causes arterial blockages and arteriosclerosis which lead to heart attacks. Also, due to its lack of EFA (omega-3 essential fatty acids), your dog can die suddenly from ventricular arrhythmias.

Kidney disease

In a study lasting 11 years, it was found that acute renal failure in dogs was caused by toxins (45% of cases), and infectious diseases (35%). Diets that do not contain enough nutrition can lead to defective adrenal glands, causing inadequate cortisol production. Cortisol is needed to combat infectious diseases and for overall health.

You may be surprised to learn that all these diseases have been known to be caused by your dog’s diet of canned or dry dog food bought in a pet food store.

Even though there is some commercial dog food that is up to standard, most of it contains ingredients that will shock you. Some of it actually contains euthanized cats, dogs, and zoo animals. This is completely unacceptable to dog owners who want the best dog food for their pet.

The Best Dog Food – More Information

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