Best Tips for Dog Training

Train Your DogIf you are looking for the best tips for dog training so as to improve your dog’s behavior without being harsh, there is a technique called positive reinforcement training. This method is extremely successful and follows the theory that rewarding good behavior and ignoring unwanted behavior is the best way to train your dog.

Positive reinforcement training is quite contrary to the old methods of the past. It was once thought that strict discipline, to the point of using physical pain or intimidation, was the answer to get your pet under control. This new theory is more successful in getting your dog to understand what is expected of him and to follow your commands. It even gets him to think for himself.

Here are some of the best tips for dog training that get results:

Best Tips for Dog Training – Rewards

The two most effective rewards when you train your dog are physical affection and food treats. A pat on the head isn’t always perceived as a reward by your dog. In fact, some dogs don’t even like being patted on their head. Tempting your dog with a favorite incentive always works better.

Best Tips for Dog Training – Timing

The right timing is key when it comes to marking good behavior. He needs to know for which actions he is being rewarded. By using a marker like a clicker, or just by saying “yes”, at exactly the time he follows your command, he will soon get to know which behavior has earned him the reward. Give him the reward immediately after the marker. Using it consistently will give your dog the chance to learn for what action he is receiving the marker.

Best Tips for Dog Training – Consistency

When you are teaching commands to your dog, you need to choose which words you will use consistently for an undesirable behavior. If you use more than one phrase for a particular unwanted action, your dog will become confused. Your commands need to be repetitive and consistent for your dog to learn. Your pet will soon associate an action with your specific phrase.

Best Tips for Dog Training – Rewards

For dog obedience training, use rewards that your dog loves. Maybe it’s a favorite treat, a short playtime with a particular toy, or some affectionate attention from you. He will soon learn to obey you if he knows he’s about to get something he really cares for.

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