Training Teacup Pigs

training teacup pigsCaring for teacup pigs can be very rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. These adorable animals are very smart. They can easily get into trouble if they have nothing to do. Training teacup pigs is necessary if you want a lasting relationship with your pet. It is important to keep them occupied to avoid harsh reprimands. When teacup pigs try to amuse themselves, they are likely to cause damage in your home.

Prepare for training

To make it easier when training teacup pigs, owners may want to pig-proof your home. Scolding can be kept to a minimum once this is done. Pigs have a curious nature and are tempted to open every door possible in search of food. For this reason, household cleaning products should be stored out of reach. You may want to keep any other pet food out of their reach too. Pigs can be very determined and can find ways of getting what they want. It’s important to make things that are harmful inaccessible.

These adorable pets can be a pleasure to own. However, it is very important that training teacup pigs becomes a priority. If left alone, they can wreak havoc and cause you to regret your choice of pet. With gentle disciplining and affection, you will have a loving companion for many years. Take the time needed to give your teacup pig a chance to become a happy, loving member of your family.

Tips for training teacup pigs

One important aspect of training teacup pigs is to let them know who is in charge. Your teacup pig needs to know that your house isn’t his playground. When disciplining a certain behavior, you should gently scold him using a firm voice. You should then divert his attention elsewhere by giving him a favorite toy. Also, praise him when he plays with it.

You can purchase toys or you can make some yourself. You may like to try a plastic or wooden rooting box. If you fill it with birdseed and small rocks, he will get a lot of pleasure out of it. Your teacup pig will also enjoy chew toys and balls to roll around. He will also love your old magazines or newspapers to shred.

It is important that you catch your teacup pig in the act of doing something that is not allowed. It will confuse him if you scold him afterwards. You need to be consistent with your training for it to go smoothly. Because of their high intelligence, they can be trained fairly quickly.

More information

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