Training Tips for Teacup Pigs

training tips for teacup pigsTeacup pigs are very intelligent animals. For this reason, they can get bored very easily. You will need a few training tips for teacup pigs, if you want to keep them out of trouble. If they are not given enough attention or some activity to keep their interest, they can become a handful. They need something to occupy their time.

Once you get your pet home, using proven training techniques which will help alleviate behavioral problems. After spending time with your teacup pig, you’ll soon find out what interests him.  

Keep your teacup pigs occupied

Beside using some effective training tips for teacup pigs here are a few more things that will also help:

  • Pet stores sell appropriate toys to occupy your pig, like soft chew toys or small balls to roll around.
  • Newspaper is also popular with pigs. They have a lot of fun shredding it.
  • A rooting box is ideal for teacup pigs because they love to dig with their snouts. A wooden or plastic box filled with birdseed and small river rocks works well. If you plan on having this indoors, some small, soft items can be used to fill the box instead.

Effective training tips

Using useful training tips for teacup pigs is essential if you want a happy home for your pet. He needs to know that you are the boss. When you see him doing something that you don’t want him to do, tell him, “No,” with a strong voice. Then direct him away from the situation. A favorite toy is a good substitute followed by a lot of praise when he takes it.

For the training to be effective, you need to catch him in the act of bad behavior. He will be totally confused if you reprimand him after the deed is done. If you go out, keep him in a pig-proofed area where he can’t get into trouble. Then you won’t be in for a surprise when you get home.

You may want to put child-proof locks on all doors that are within reach of your pet. Pigs love to search for food. They are notorious for opening fridges and helping themselves. Keep dangerous products well out of reach as they can get into places that will astonish you.

Training tips for teacup pigs – more info

Disciplining your teacup pig will make for a happy relationship in the family. Since they are so smart, they will learn quickly if taught from an early age. An older pig will take a little longer.

If you need more information regarding your pet, there is an eBook available called, Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide. It covers many training tips for teacup pigs and other important topics, including skin and teeth care, nutrition, and much more. It contains everything you need to know about how to raise a healthy, happy pig that will be your companion for many years to come.

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