Walking Micro Pigs

walking micro pigsWalking micro pigs can be quite challenging. To avoid problems, owners need to take charge when handling their pet pig. They must convince their pig that they are the boss. Micro pigs can be stubborn and difficult to manage otherwise. With a few tips, they will soon be walking without any trouble.


Micro pigs can become pretty ornery when it comes to being told what to do. They prefer to act on their own accord and not be forced into anything.

Before you even go out for a walk, you should encourage your pet to follow you. Try repeating certain commands, like “come” or “follow.” Entice him with a special treat along the way. If your pig doesn’t respond to your commands, try being a little more patient. Pigs need time to adjust to new techniques.

Positive Reinforcement

Walking micro pigs when they are young doesn’t usually create any problems. When they get older, they may not be so accommodating. Forcing or pushing your pig will only make him more resistant to your efforts. These pets best respond to you when positive reinforcement is used.

When giving out treats, do not give him too many as he will lose his motivation. Once he does walk over to you, give him the treat and praise him. Use only one command sparingly for unique circumstances. Be sure it is his choice to come to you before he gets a treat. This method of training gives long lasting results.

Walking Micro Pigs – More Information

You need patience and perseverance when walking micro pigs. The best time to start training your pet is when he is young. Once he develops bad habits, it is more difficult for him to change his ways. To get the best training advice possible, you will want to read Teacup Pigs or Micro Pigs: The Complete Owner’s Guide. This is an eBook that contains all you need to know about pet pigs. It not only covers behavioral issues, but gives advice about nutritional requirements, skin and ear care, and lots more.

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