What Should I Feed My Dog

what should I feed my dogIf you have ever asked yourself what should I feed my dog, you will want to read the following information to ensure she gets a nourishing diet that will keep her healthy. You may have wondered whether commercial dog food is a good choice. Well, you might be horrified to learn that your dog may be at higher risk of premature death when feeding it store-bought food. The ingredients are not quite what you would expect them to be.

You are about to discover the true facts about commercial dog food and why it is linked to thousands of dogs dying across the U.S every day.

We will go on to show what can be done to ensure your dog lives a longer life. You will also save a lot of money. To learn more about these secrets, we invite you to carry on reading about the subject of what should I feed my dog. You can look forward to having your dog with you for up to 8.3 years more than expected by taking this advice.

Hear What the Experts Have to Say About Commercial Dog Food

After an in-depth study, it has been discovered that very few commercial dog food brands will supply your pet with the nutrition she needs.

In the world of vets and dog experts, it is no secret that commercial dog food is lacking protein and laden with harmful chemicals. Several world famous veterinarians, as well as respected dog care professionals, unanimously agree that any dog that eats most of the commercial dog food available in supermarkets today is at risk of an early death. By the time their owners realize what’s going on, it is often too late.

Leading dog health author, Ann. N. Martin, sums it up nicely in saying that most commercial pet food is garbage.

On conducting more research, we learned that commercial dog food contains at least six deadly chemicals. These chemicals have been banned from human foods as they cause well-known cancers and diseases like liver dysfunction, immune system collapse, blindness, etc.

What is even more alarming is that dogs that eat store-bought food often pick up aggression problems. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to feed them most of the commercial dog foods available in your grocery store.

What Should I Feed My Dog to Keep Her Healthy

You need to make drastic changes to your dog’s diet, beginning today! You should look at healthy alternatives when feeding your dog.

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