What to Feed Your Dog

Have you ever wondered what to feed your dog and if commercial dog food is actually good him? You may be very surprised to learn that most of it contains many harmful ingredients. So much so that your dog’s life could be shortened by years if this is his sole source of food. What to feed your dog can be quite confusing to the new pet owner. The following will give you a little insight into the pet food industry.

Commercial dog food

Dog food ingredients that are not acceptable to us are quite up to standard in the dog food business. Here are some things that are found in commercial dog food:

  • chemicals and preservatives
  • sodium phenobarbital
  • dead zoo animals
  • roadkill
  • and more

A standard industry term used today is ‘dead, diseased, dying and disabled’ or the 4 Ds. Most dog food contains all of these.

You cannot believe everything you read. Food that is labeled preservative- or chemical-free usually is not. The lies actually come from the fact that dog food companies are not legally obligated to report preservatives that have been added to the meat before they get it. To increase the shelf life, harmful preservatives are added to most dog food to increase profits. During intensive research, six deadly chemicals were found in the majority of commercial dog food. These chemicals have been banned from human foods.

You’d be shocked at some of the acceptable ingredients in dog food under the AAFCO guidelines. When your dog gets sick, do you ever stop to think that it could be caused by his diet? Granted, not all diseases come from this source, but you can be assured that a lot of them do. When you feed commercial dog food to your dog, he can develop some life-threatening illnesses. Some of these include kidney, stomach and spleen cancer, leukemia, and liver dysfunction, just to name a few.

What to feed your dog – 3 tips

1. Stop using commercial dog food as the main source of your dog’s diet

2. Learn how to interpret dog food labels

3. Get some healthy dog food recipes.

More information on what to feed your dog

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What to feed your dog